December 2019
The sydney exclusive Program

Growth Phase: Sydney, December 2019 - Feb 2020
Mastery Phase: Singapore, 9th Feb - 23rd Feb 2020

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According to a study conducted by the Foundation for Young Australians jobs over the next few years will be significantly impacted. Engineering will be especially impacted by all the changes occurring.


of 25 year-olds are not working full time


of those not working full time believe they lack the relevant work experience to gain full-time work


of students are being trained in jobs that will be radically changed by automation


We are calling all STEM students who have grand ideas, looking to enter the entrepreneurship space and possibly starting your own venture. Join us as you will be exposed to entrepreneurs and venture capitalist from companies all shapes and sizes along with representatives of large corporations.

In a joint venture with Real Skills, a non-for profit organisation dedicated to helping students bridge the gap between University and the workplace, we are featuring our Sydney exclusive program, The Engineering Power Up Program. 
Come along and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!



This phase of the program will be operated under Real Skills where they will organize online courses for 2-3 of the most in-demand skills in the engineering market, which in turn will assist you in the next phase of this program. There will also be in-person workshops to help reinforce your skills and get you connected to industry professionals.


Get you out of your comfort zone and get out of Sydney! We will take you to one of our existing Tribe Theory locations where you will connect with local industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs to question their life story, learn from the greats and learn how you can get started with your venture. You will get the opportunity to test your grand idea by simulating a start-up and building an MVP to pitch to VC judges which you will build over the 2-weeks.


We've analysed the engineering industry and created a course that will supplement you for years to come. As an agile company, we are able to focus on skills you need now and tomorrow.

Unleash the true potential of your engineering degree.


During the online learning period, we will be giving you access to a curated list of courses for you to complete prior to flying to the host country.


Our team is comprised with recruitment specialists and experienced team members who are able to help connect you with potential employers and give you advice/support in the application process. From building out your portfolio, resume or personal brand, we're ready and capable to help.


We have had a look at what is available in the market and we've created a competitive price for better educational material with a travel component involved too. This way you're paying for the education, experience and a life-long membership in our Tribe.


Tribe Theory has a global network of #hackpackers, entrepreneurs and other people which has given us a large reach for employers and job-seekers alike. By joining our academy, our network becomes you network. You become one of the tribe and we look after our own.

High Level Syllabus

Building Applications with Python

To start off the course, we will go through HTML and deep dive into how and why we use this for websites. Through this process we also give you a deeper understanding of basic computer networking and the internet itself.

Arduino and Circuit Design

Once you are able to make great looking static websites, we will add more functionality using JavaScript and JQuery. We also go deep into how to work as a developer using git and the terminal effectively.


A big point of difference is that we want you to be able to walk away being able to deploy great websites effectively and simply. We use existing serverless infrastructures to speed up deployment and reduce the amount of backend code.


We're looking for engineering students who are looking to make a drastic change. To become unleashed engineers who can dominate any field, start companies and grow exponentially.

This program will be life-changing and intensive so we're looking to only take a select few. If this sounds like your thing, we urge you to apply. We're not looking for prior skill, we want to see that you are eager and have the right attitude for our program.



Co-founder & Head of Product at Perlin

Ajay is a Forbes 30 Under 30, serial entrepreneur who has started 8 companies which have raised over $US 50M to date and secured global investors such as Lion Co. - the largest F&B giant in the southern hemisphere, Kakao - the largest internet company in South Korean and Bitmain, the largest cryptocurrency company in the world.

He has worked in many engineering, operations, product and marketing jobs during and outside of university. This program will be mentored and lead by Ajay who will be able to show you alternative pathways and maximise your potential.



Director of Technology at Gamurs


Director at Real Skills Education


Programs Manager at Suncorp


CEO at Entropica Labs
Quantum World Association


Investment Lead at REAPRA


Founder at Tribe Theory


Head of people and culture at ANZ|Finalist 2018 HVARC Woman of the year


Head of Product at NewCampus


Design Engineer at Railius Group


Developer at Perlin


Developer at Perlin


Co-founder & Head of Product at Perlin

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each program cost?

We charge $AU 2990 per program which includes 14 nights accommodation, full online coursework, mentoring and all workshops in Singapore. This does not include flights.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your laptop however most operating systems will be fine for this course. There will be slight differences in setup for these environments but the instructors will help you get sorted and address programming in all types of operating systems.

What is the education structure and how are the classes run?

We aim to try and limit the number of students per teacher which means a maximum of 30 people per program and 2-3 teachers per cohort. We believe peer to peer learning is key and provide many opportunities for private time with teachers.

What can I do after EPUP?

You do this program to become incredibly employable at the end of it. By learning all these engineering skills and applying it in engineering projects you will have a killer resume at the end of this. We aim to help you on this journey by sharing unique opportunities and introducing to hiring partners where it makes sense.

Why is this course relevant today?

There is a drastic change in the types of skills required by people in the workforce. With the improvement of automation and computers, the digital space is rapidly taking over. We have hand picked engineering skills that are drastically increasing for the job market. They are revamped every program to make sure we stay relevant and the skills are highly employable.

What practical skill sets will I develop through this course?

In the current iteration you will lead Computer Aided Design, Programming Essentials through Python (you will build 10 different applications), Arduino/Automation and Entrepreneurship. This will make you well equipped for an internship, graduate position or starting your own company.

What is the tribe?

The tribe is the cohort of students who come to the program and the numerous alumni / guests from Tribe Theory. Tribe Theory's network is plentiful and global - including VCs, entrepreneurs, CEOs and many other interesting and wonderful people. Make sure you get involved and immerse yourself in our tribe!

What does my fee cover?

Your fee will cover accommodation, workshops, instructors and online course material. Flights, travel insurance and Visas are not covered in the fees for the program to allow for flexibility in student schedules and preference.