December 2019

Growth Phase: Online, 1st Nov - 1st Dec 2019
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Mastery Phase Stream 1: Hong Kong, 1st Dec - 15th Dec 2019
Mastery Phase Stream 2: Hong Kong, 15th Dec - 29th Dec 2019

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Ever sat in the classroom and wondered, when are you ever going to use this knowledge? You aren't alone...


of students entering school will hold jobs that don't currently exist


of students will not work in a degree demanding job even 10 years after graduation


of new graduates take up jobs that do not require a degree

be on the right side of the game and do not get left behind

We are calling anyone who want to enter the exciting world of product design at any skill level. Whether your ambition is to start your own world changing company, work on cutting edge technologies at top companies and startups, become a high paid expert in product develop mentor carve out a niche to dominate, this course will equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

Product Design & Manufacture focuses on the development of physical hardware products, teaching you the entire process from start to finish. It is a uniquely designed hybrid program combining online learning,live workshops and real industry projects to help individuals launch a successful career in product development.

Program structure

Product Design & Manufacture is completed in two phases, the online portion consists of carefully curated courses, tools and Q&A webinars that can be completed on your own time. Phase two will include a two week stay in the global hardware startup capital of Shenzhen, with live workshops, facility tours and special events.

Once you join, you work through the foundation courses online before joining us in Shenzhen for the live workshop. You will work on a real company’s projects and present your solutions. Submit your questions each week and have them answered in the live Q&A webinars.

Learning Overview

We've analysed the product manufacturing industry and created a course that will supplement you for years to come. As an agile company, we can focus on most important skills that are valuable today and in the future. If you are a student or an entrepreneur interested in the hardware / product space, we’ve built the course for you!

Unleash your true potential.

8-Week Skills Masterclass

Access our curated online courses to build a solid foundation of skills in product design with regular Q&A webinars with experts

Fly, Explore, Meet Mentors (Hong Kong)

Join us in Hong Kong where you will meet dozens of mentors with years of practical experience in product design. Attend intensive workshops, facility tours and special events

Design and Manufacture (Shenzhen, China)

Experience a guided tour of the global hardware startup capital with our local pros. Visit the famous HuaQiangBei Electronics Market & partner’s production facilities

Pitch and Network (Hong Kong)

Apply your new skills to practical projects and deliver real world solutions. Pitch and network with some of the best companies in the country and other large stakeholders who could be potential investors or employers!

High Level Syllabus

Product Validation and Testing

Kicking things off with the fundamentals of product design and manufacture. We will teach you everything from assessing product market fit to strategies and methodologies to get your product successfully on the market

Product Development Process and Tools

Once you have mastered the iterative process of product validation, we will demonstrate the best way to draw a proof of concept and develop your first MVP using Fusion360

Commercialisation Strategies

After developing your MVP, you are now ready to start marketing your product and we will show you how! From business cases to product economics, we will guide you to product success

Ready for the Journey of a Lifetime?

Feedback from our past attendees have described this course as ‘intense’ and ‘life changing’. If this sounds like your thing, we urge you to apply. Our application process is selective, and we have limited spots available.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experience product designer, you will gain huge value from this program, secure your spot today!



Product Development Engineer & Consultant

Alex has worked with dozens of clients from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations across APAC. Serving a diverse range of industries, designing everything from drones, waste disposal systems, consumer tech to robots and generating millions in revenue.  

Today, Alex works with one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, developing innovative medical devices with triple digit growth for global markets. He has experience in every step of commercialization process, from product ideation to sales.


Investment Lead at REAPRA


Founder at Tribe Theory


Chief Technology Officer at REN Project


International B2B Marketer, Ex-Nokia, Ex-Cisco


Design Engineer at Railius Group


Project Engineer at Acoustics Logic


Co-founder & Head of Product at Perlin


Head of Product at NewCampus

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each program cost?

We charge $US 3490 per program which includes 14 nights accommodation, full online coursework, mentoring and all workshops your chosen host country. This does not include flights.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your laptop however most operating systems will be fine for this course. There will be slight differences in setup for these environments but the instructors will help you get sorted and address programming in all types of operating systems.

What is the education structure and how are the classes run?

We aim to try and limit the number of students per teacher which means a maximum of 30 people per program and 2-3 teachers per cohort. We believe peer to peer learning is key and provide many opportunities for private time with teachers.

What can I do after the program?

You do this program to become incredibly employable at the end of it. By learning all these  skills and applying it in  projects you will have a killer resume at the end of this. We aim to help you on this journey by sharing unique opportunities and introducing to hiring partners where it makes sense.

Why is this course relevant today?

There is a drastic change in the types of skills required by people in the workforce. With the improvement of automation and computers, the digital space is rapidly taking over. We have hand picked skills that are drastically increasing for the job market. They are revamped every program to make sure we stay relevant and the skills are highly employable.

What practical skill sets will I develop through this course?

In the current iteration you will learn about the iterative process of product validation and testing, along with practice skills to help you design and draw you MVP and finishing off with the commercialisation of your product

What is the tribe?

The tribe is the cohort of students who come to the program and the numerous alumni / guests from Tribe Theory. Tribe Theory's network is plentiful and global - including VCs, entrepreneurs, CEOs and many other interesting and wonderful people. Make sure you get involved and immerse yourself in our tribe!

What does my fee cover?

Your fee will cover accommodation, workshops, instructors and online course material. Flights, travel insurance and Visas are not covered in the fees for the program to allow for flexibility in student schedules and preference.