Web Development (19/05 - 1/06)

Learn to deploy responsive, beautiful websites in 2 weeks!

14 Amazing days in Bali, 80+ hours of coursework and a tribe of your peers to support you every step of the way.

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A proven curriculum from experts in the field who have served as CTO, full-stack developers, engineers, successful entrepreneurs and more!

80+ Hours of Practical & Relevant Coursework

You will be learning various frameworks and coding stacks. However the main point is that we will teach you how to deploy beautiful and responsive websites in just 2 weeks. We don't just stop at the frontend development so you can actually go get clients from day 1! With us you will also build 2 capstone projects to boost up your portfolio.

Dedicated Job Support at Every Step

Our team is comprised with recruitment specialists and experienced team members who are able to help connect you with potential employers and give you advice/support in the application process. From building out your portfolio, resume or personal brand, we're ready and capable to help.

Competitive Pricing

We have had a look at what is available in the market and we've created a competitive price for better educational material with a travel component involved too. This way you're paying for the education, experience and a life-long membership in our Tribe.

Strong Employer Network

Tribe Theory has a global network of #hackpackers, entrepreneurs and other people which has given us a large reach for employers and job-seekers alike. By joining our academy, our network becomes you network. You become one of the tribe and we look after our own.

Some of our Students

Theon Ho

Former Web Development Student
Now: Full-stack Developer at Perlin

"Going into this, I knew some basics in web development but this took me to another level all together. Now with the help of the tribe, I've managed to self-learn ReactJS, NodeJS and become a full-stack developer and even landed a job!"
Since the Program, Theon has worked at:

Albert Boukarim

Former Web Development Student
Now: Freelance Design Engineer

"I wanted to learn some development to round out my skillset as an engineer. I normally deal with physical products so this was completely new. However, with the help and guidance of the instructors, I was able to deploy my very own website in just under 2 weeks. I'm now diving deeper into programming with some guidance and advice."
Since the Program, Albert has worked at:

High Level Syllabus

HTML and Preprocessors

To start off the course, we will go through HTML and deep dive into how and why we use this for websites. Through this process we also give you a deeper understanding of basic computer networking and the internet itself.

CSS , incl. Preprocessors and Frameworks

Once we have mastered HTML and general web understanding, we will move into CSS. We start with styling but move into more advanced preprocessor systems and commonly use frameworks. Since after this course, you will always be learning new stacks - we will make you choose a framework and implement it yourself to speed up your learning.

JavaScript, JQuery and DevOps

Once you are able to make great looking static websites, we will add more functionality using JavaScript and JQuery. We also go deep into how to work as a developer using git and the terminal effectively.

Serverless Web Deployments

A big point of difference is that we want you to be able to walk away being able to deploy great websites effectively and simply. We use existing serverless infrastructures to speed up deployment and reduce the amount of backend code.

Elite Team of Instructors

Our instructors represent some of the finest growth hackers, marketers and entrepreneurs there are. They have lead development projects at several companies, grew startups into large tech corporations and worked on countless websites in the past.

They will teach you everything they know both formally through the course work and through informal mentoring (career advice and more!)

We also have guest lecturers and mentors across the globe who we will connect you with.

JJ Lau

Freelance Web Developer
Previously at Freelancer, Coinone and Qubit Protocol

Software engineer by trade. Educator in practice. Has worked as a software engineer and developer for several companies such as Freelancer, Coinone and Qubit Protocol. Having taught code for several years, JJ will teach you exactly what you need to know to become a professional developer.

Rene Kumar

Freelance Web Developer
Previously at Doppler, Qubit Protocol, Tailor Brews

Rene is an experienced developer who has served several development roles at Republic Protocol, Qubit Protocol, Doppler and other companies. Having a strong web development and computer science background will help him introduce you to new concepts quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each program cost?

We charge $SG 2990 per program which includes 14 nights accommodation in a private en-suite room, 100 hours of coursework and 3 meals a day. This does not include flights and there are discounts available for bunk bed stay.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your laptop however most operating systems will be fine for this course. There will be slight differences in setup for these environments but the instructors will help you get sorted and address programming in all types of operating systems.

What is the education structure and how are the classes run?

We aim to try and limit the number of students per teacher which means a maximum of 30 people per program and 2-3 teachers per cohort. We believe peer to peer learning is key and provide many opportunities for private time with teachers. All the coursework is taught face to face and we drastically limit any online education components.

What can I do after the academy?

The reason why we have included deployment in this course is because we want you to be able to make and launch websites for yourself and others immediately. It will give you the ability to client work or keep working on your skills, moving into the backend where we can guide you on resources.

Why is this course relevant today?

There is a drastic change in the types of skills required by people in the workforce. With the improvement of automation and computers, the digital space is rapidly taking over. Web development has been a hot field for the last few years and this has not slowed down. Some of the highest paying jobs go to developers which is why it's a great time to invest in yourself.

What practical skill sets will I develop through this course?

You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and several frameworks and tools associated with web development. You will be able to build responsive websites from scratch and deploy them. You will also be able to build simple web applications using JQuery.

What is the tribe?

The tribe is the cohort of students who come to the program and the numerous alumni / guests from Tribe Theory. Tribe Theory's network is plentiful and global - including VCs, entrepreneurs, CEOs and many other interesting and wonderful people. Make sure you get involved and immerse yourself in our tribe!

What does my fee cover?

Your fees will be used to cover the various expenses in the program:

  • Pay for accomodation, food and other operational costs associated with hosting you in our startup house
  • Pay our experienced staff members, instructors and other people involved with making this happen
  • Coursework materials and other activities we may plan for you in Bali.

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